It’s New Year’s Eve! Are you thinking of making tax-deductible donations before the ball drops? We hope that you will consider Latse in your year-end giving. Although we are a small non-profit, we make a big impact with programs and projects that directly engage communities in Tibet and beyond. From promoting Tibetan language use and literacy through our 108 Translations Project, to reaching hundreds of thousands through our Social Media Resource Sharing initiative. With our Higher Education program, in 2018-2019, we have been supporting three Latse Fellows, Tibetan students pursuing graduate degrees in environmental education and social policy and management. Free talks and events highlighting contemporary Tibetan culture and scholarship, and reference and research assistance to scholars, students, and visitors—maybe even you!
All this would not be possible without your help. Together we can raise the latse even higher!

Donate through link in profile.


Wishing all of you an adundance of happiness and contentment in 2020!

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