To Latse Library’s Director Pema Bhum and all the [conference] participants, especially Gendun Chopel’s wife, Tsering Yudrön; Gendun Chopel’s nephew, Yungdrung Gyal; daughter, Gakyid Yangzom; and student Horkhang Sonam Palbar’s son, Jampa Tendar:

Having received the invitation from Latse Library to attend [the conference], I sincerely wished to attend. But due to unforeseen circumstances, regrettably I am unable to come. I prostrate in welcome to you.

I have always thought that Gendun Chopel, in the twentieth century, searched for the verdant seeds from which sprouted all of Tibetan religion and the immensity of Tibetan civilization, and that he was one who had a strong desire to take [these seeds] and grow countless trees bearing the fruits of Tibetan civilization and knowledge. Moreover, he planted the seeds for all manner of good things.

As he wished, I want to pray that for the foundation of freedom for body and mind for all Tibetans and for the lost hundreds of millions of seeds of civilization, there is an immense effort in taking these back fearlessly.

The Indian Shipeni Mukerjee Pandita (Peny Mukherjee Pandita), at the end of Chapter 14 in his work in Hindi about Rahula and Gendun Chopel going to Tibet together, states:

Mahapandita Rahula Sakritrayan and Lama Gendun Chopel, we would like to sing your life stories in this world of death and take a rest. The great Rahula told you about the thinking of the people of this century, and you turned towards the path of reform. You took the red flag shawl of your girlfriend; it was as a raised upright red flag on (against?) the attacking troops. When I reflected on this on my journey to Tibet, the pain— like a broken backbone—returns. But the contributions of the two heroes contributions are sweet memories in my heart. Hey, the general (everyman?), fearless, industrious, brave man! You departed alone to the darkness of Tibet on the other side of the Himalayas. It pierces my heart like a sharp nail that I am left behind.

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